About the Community Youth Leadership

What is included in the Community Youth Leadership Program?

A grant of up to $50,000 USD to be used for a specific community initiative within a one-year time frame, as well as world class training on offline and online community organizing.

What is the time commitment for the Youth Leader?

In-person or online attendance and participation at a minimum of two multi-day gatherings hosted by Facebook (Summer and Winter 2018 and/or Spring and Summer 2019)

2-3 hours a month on additional trainings and virtual meet-ups

What is the time commitment for the Nonprofit?

The nonprofit commitment includes, but is not limited to:

  • Submitting the application for student nominee (Approximately 1 hour)
  • Assisting student with development plan for funding + impact (Youth nominee owns process with support from non-profit) (Approximately 1 hour)
  • Disbursing of funds to student based on deliverables that have been approved by the student and Facebook (Up to 4 hours throughout the year)
  • Providing ongoing mentorship and overall support as needed (Minimum 2 hours a month)
  • Signing a binding participation agreement with Facebook (Up to 1 hour)
  • Note: The Nonprofit is not required to attend the in-person or online gathering.
What are your eligibility requirements?

The nominee must be nominated by a nonprofit in good standing with 501c3 or 501c3 equivalency.

The nominee, must be:

  • 14-19 year old
  • Given that people selected to participate in the program will receive funding, only applicants from countries where Facebook can legally make payments are eligible.
  • Applicants leading communities focused on and/or use of program funds for the following activities are ineligible:
    • Proselytizing
    • Political campaign activities (e.g. on behalf of an active candidate for elected office)
    • Political lobbying activities (e.g. a 501(c)4 entity in the US)
What are you looking for in a Youth Leader?
  • We are looking for leaders who are inclusive and demonstrate the ability to bridge differences.
  • We are looking for leaders who work to bring people together in person, in addition to online, as a way of strengthening community.
Is this program only open to leaders of communities on Facebook?

We accept applicants who are building community both offline and online. You do not need to use Facebook or its Family of Apps and Services.

Does the Youth Leader have to cover the cost of travel for gatherings?

Facebook will cover travel, lodging and meal costs for program participants attending in-person gatherings related to the fellowship.

Can family (or other group members) join the Youth Leader at program gatherings?

In-person gatherings are open to fellows and one adult chaperone

How will funding be provided?

The grant funds will be provided through your sponsoring nonprofit as you meet certain milestones that will be approved by Facebook.

About the Application

How are you selecting program participants?

Every application will be evaluated in a multi-phase consideration process to ensure eligibility, including compliance with all applicable terms and policies governing the use of our apps and services. Final selections will be based on applicants’ work building community and the merit of each grant proposal.

What countries do you accept applications from?

We accept applications globally from countries where Facebook can legally operate and where we can legally make payments.

Is there an age requirement?

Nominee must be between 14 and 19 years of age.

Does my community need to be registered as a cause or nonprofit in order to apply?

No, nominee and/or their communities do not need to be registered as a legal entity (e.g. a 501(c)3 in the US), but they do need to be nominated by a legal entity.

Can a nonprofit apply?

No, the nonprofit may only submit the application on behalf of the nominated teen.

If I am a teenager who runs a nonprofit, am I able to nominate myself?

No, you are not able to nominate yourself. Ask a colleague from your nonprofit, to submit the nomination for you.

Is English proficiency required?


How do I establish leadership status for my application if I’m not the creator of my community?

Creator status is not required. However, you must be in a leadership role in your community and the people in your community will have an opportunity to provide feedback on you as a community leader.

My nominee leads several communities. Should the nonprofit submit multiple applications?

Only one application can be submitted per nominee. The focus of the program is on you as a leader, so we recommend you choose one community (perhaps the one you are most passionate about or most engaged with) to inform your application. Your application can reference several communities if needed.

How frequently are you taking new applicants?

This is the pilot year of our Youth Leadership. Please stay tuned for additional opportunities to apply.

When will I know if I’m chosen?

We expect to notify fellows in summer 2018. All applicants will be notified as to the status of their application.

Is it a requirement to be a student?

No, it is not a requirement.