Legal Language

  • I acknowledge that the information I have provided about my student nominee in this application form is true, complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
  • I understand that once this application has been submitted, I and the nonprofit I’m affiliated with, may be contacted by Facebook to get additional information if my nominee has been selected to proceed in the process. By submitting this application, I consent to being contacted at the email address and telephone number I have provided.
  • Are you a current or former government official or related to a government official? A government official includes officials, employees, or anyone else acting in an official capacity on behalf of a government or government agency (e.g., legislators, regulators, police, judges), state-owned/controlled enterprises (e.g., professors at state universities, executives at state-controlled companies); political parties or campaigns; public international organizations (e.g., U.N. or World Bank officials); and candidates for public office.