About the Program

At Facebook, we’re seeing firsthand how technology is empowering leaders around the world to take action and bring their communities closer together.

This work comes with unique challenges and requires a blend of vision, care, dedication and empathy. But finding the resources and having the leadership skills to increase impact is a constant challenge for community leaders, and we want to address that need.

We started the Facebook Community Leadership Program (FCLP) to address the needs identified by community leaders. This global initiative will give over 100 participants from around the world the support, tools, funding and the belief in themselves that they need to best lead their communities.

The Facebook Community Leadership Program has three main elements:

  • Educational Curriculum
    Educational curriculum designed around leadership development, strategic community engagement, and technical skills.
  • Funding
    Every participant will receive financial support for their offline community building activities.
  • A Network of Support
    Participants can meet community-building experts, Facebook leadership and other FCLP participants. They are supported by Facebook professionals and make connections with local experts, organizations and thought leaders.

Through FCLP, we hope to elevate the role of community leaders as a critical piece in building diverse, supportive societies that bring people closer together, despite their differences. Leaders in our program achieve success through collaborative and purpose-driven approaches. We are providing these leaders with the knowledge, skills, tools, funding and support to activate their communities in new and innovative ways to promote positive and lasting impact.

The Facebook Community Leadership Program supports leaders in three different tracks:


Residents have demonstrated the ability to transform the way people support each other through community. They receive support and grants, customized leadership development, in-person networking and collaborative opportunities with Facebook teams.


Fellows are community leaders who are building meaningful communities. They receive support and grants, access to a leadership development curriculum and experts, in-person networking, and community opportunities with other program fellows.


Community youth fellows receive support and grants to execute a specific community initiative, training both online and offline, in-person networking and community-building opportunities.