Meet the Community Leaders

Representing 46 countries from around the world, each participant of the 2018 Facebook Community Leadership Program is an aspiring leader building meaningful communities and connections, both online and offline. As part of the program, these leaders will receive training, support and funding to advance further positive social impact.

About the Program

It’s our mission to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together, and we want to recognize the community leaders around the world who are doing just that. That’s why we started the Facebook Community Leadership Program, an initiative designed to support the leaders who are innovating ways to better support their communities through Facebook and our products.

Community Programs

Facebook is committed to providing a place for leaders who are building community and connection. See all of our community programs.

Facebook Community Leadership Program

Residency, fellowship and youth training to grow and support community leaders around the world. Learn more

Community Leadership Circles

Local chapters of community leaders learning from each other, on- and offline. Learn more

Groups for Facebook Power Admins

Closed groups on Facebook where the most active leaders share advice and connect with the Facebook team to get help and test new features.